About Us (English)

Aizawa Woodwork

Aizawa Woodwork was originally founded in 1948 by the present owner’s father when he first started to make wooden substrates for urushiware traditionally produced in Waijma City known as Wajima-nuri.

What does the wooden substrate maker known as the kiji-ya, actually do? Roughly speaking there are two main materials involved in the making of urushiware: wood and urushi lacquer. Urushi is a natural sap from the urushi tree indigenous to Asia. Products such as utensils and furniture made of wood and coated with urushi are referred to collectively as urushiware. The Kiji-ya is a specialist who prepares these wooden substrates by shaving, carving, assembling or bending the wood bases before they proceed to the lacquering process.

What is unique about the Aizawa Woodwork?
In addition to the conventional methods of handwork by craftsmen using planes and chisels, Aizawa introduced machine tools including the NC Router (Numerical Control Router) in the very early years. This made it possible to process wooden substrates in more complex and accurate shapes in a far more efficient way and which were difficult to achieve by handwork alone. These unrivaled techniques that developed and accumulated over the decades became Aizawa’s strength. We also manage to keep sufficiently dried wood materials in stock, which are readily available for immediate order and delivery.

Our recent developments
We also make wooden products in original designs other than those that are for urushiware such as ones with no coating or coated simply with oil or beeswax so that the users can enjoy the grain patterns and warm touch of the wooden surface. These have been very well received by young users.

3-8-1 Horimachi, Wajima, Ishikawa 928-0062 Japan